EEO/Public File

Annual Employment Report
February 1, 2019-January 31, 2020


There were no new full or part-time hires during the above mentioned period. In anticipation of future or potential needs and to stay in touch with the current job market, we participated in job fairs and conducted one internship.


  • February 12, 2019 UL Lafayette Spring Career Fair
  • September 25, 2019 UL Lafayette Fall Career Fair
  • October 04, 2019 Lafayette Parish College and Career Fair
  • March 15-27, 2019 UL Student Internship Program-

In March 2019, one UL broadcasting major, interned across our radio station group. In his 16+ hours, he learned basic skills in the following areas: board operator, input and editing of syndicated programming, voice-tracking, conducting an EAS test, taking and recording transmitter readings, scheduling a music log and editing a commercial log. He also worked with our air staff in show prep and planning, updating a winner data base and organizing listener prizes. In our social media department, he assisted in publishing events for station sites and edited and published a podcast.

Ongoing Evaluation:

A quarterly review is conducted to assess on going EEO efforts. These reviews are conducted by station management. We encourage all staff members to consider advancement within the organization as well as communicating any employment opportunities within the group to prospective job seekers.

Station management monitors all EEO efforts as well as the applicant screening process.

We continue to encourage high school and college students interested in communications to consider internships with our group.


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