School Zones, School Buses, and Safety

With kids heading back to school, please make sure you watch for school zones and school bus stops.


Trooper Thomas Gossen joined us on the Boot Scootin’ Morning Show to talk about the upcoming school year. Trooper Gossen warned drivers about bus stops and the proper footage behind a school bus. We also discussed the fact that bus drivers can report your license number for passing a school bus.


Trooper Gossen also touched on the fact this school year will be different with staggered schedules in some school districts, so drivers may have to extend their window of awareness to be careful of students.


Cell phone use is completely banned in school zones.  Drivers are urged to drive with both hands on the steering wheel and be aware of school crossing guards, students, and buses around schools. Trooper Gossen also passed along that the fines for these offenses are costly and could carry license suspension.