The Story Behind This Haunted Cemetery in Oklahoma is Terrifying

Oklahoma, known for its rich culture and history, harbors some spine-chilling secrets, particularly in the form of haunted cemeteries. One notable site is the Jesse Creek Cemetery in Bartlesville.

Jesse Creek Cemetery: A Hub of Paranormal Activity

Situated in south Bartlesville, Jesse Creek Cemetery has been the subject of numerous paranormal accounts. Locals share stories of cameras malfunctioning within the cemetery’s boundaries, only to resume normal function once outside. This mysterious occurrence has puzzled many, contributing to the eerie ambiance of the location.

Furthermore, visitors have reported hearing unsettling noises such as giggles and cries resonating throughout the cemetery. These unexplained sounds leave a sense of unease, enhancing the cemetery’s reputation as a haunted spot.

Other Paranormal Cemeteries in Oklahoma

While Jesse Creek Cemetery is undeniably eerie, it is not the sole haunted cemetery in Oklahoma. The state boasts several other burial grounds renowned for their paranormal phenomena.

Fort Reno Cemetery

Located in El Reno, Fort Reno Cemetery is another haunted destination in Oklahoma. Originating from a former military camp established in 1874, the cemetery has a diverse history involving wars, prisoners, and soldiers. Visitors have reported hearing phantom sounds from soldiers and witnessing figures dressed in military uniforms.

Enid Cemetery

Enid Cemetery, the site of the Haunted Tales tour, is famed for its spirits roaming the grounds and frightening visitors after dark.

Blanchard Cemetery

Blanchard Cemetery is rumored to be haunted by a young man. Visitors claim sightings of a tall figure in black, with no logical explanation for this shadow. Reports also include sudden dimming of bright lights.


The haunted cemeteries of Oklahoma, including Jesse Creek Cemetery, serve as chilling reminders of the state’s history. These burial grounds, with their mysterious incidents and unexplained events, continue to captivate and terrify visitors.

Whether one seeks thrills or has a passion for the paranormal, these cemeteries provide a peek into the unknown, making them essential stops for those desiring a truly spine-chilling experience.


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