LAPD Collaborates with Hawkins High School on Unidentified Man Concerns

In South Los Angeles, there have been recent reports from students at Augustus F. Hawkins High School about encounters with an unidentified man near the campus.

Over the past week, female students have shared incidents in which the individual approached them, inviting them to enter his pickup truck.

In response, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has intensified patrols in the area surrounding the school, as reported by CBS Los Angeles. The LAPD describes the suspect as a Hispanic man aged between 30 and 40, believed to be driving a light gray Toyota Tacoma.

To address the situation, the LAPD’s 77th Street Community Police Station is collaborating with the high school, as stated in a Facebook post. The LAPD is urging students, parents, and local residents to remain vigilant, especially in the vicinity of the school.

The heightened patrols by the LAPD and increased awareness within the community will persist until the matter is effectively resolved. The 77th Street Area Police Station encourages anyone with information to contact them directly at (323) 786-5077.

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