McCarthy Expresses Frustration to Trump in Post-Speaker Removal Call

Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) reportedly expressed frustration with former President Trump after being ousted from his role in October. The Washington Post revealed that McCarthy, who had previously supported Trump through various challenges, confronted the former president when Trump declined to assist him and disapprove of the removal efforts.

During a phone call where Trump provided McCarthy with reasons for not backing him, McCarthy responded with a direct expletive, saying, “F‑‑‑ you,” according to two sources familiar with the conversation as reported by the Post.

Despite McCarthy’s earlier loyalty, which included standing by Trump after legal issues and visiting him post-2020 election loss, their relationship strained further. A photo of McCarthy smiling with Trump during a Florida visit drew criticism, particularly concerning McCarthy’s support after the January 6 Capitol riots.

Notably, Trump did not endorse McCarthy during his removal from the Speakership but explicitly backed Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who ultimately did not secure enough votes for the position. McCarthy downplayed the lack of support, stating, “Only members vote,” emphasizing the decision-making power of the members.

As of now, McCarthy has not endorsed a 2024 presidential candidate but is reportedly planning to endorse Trump in the coming months near Iowa, according to the Post.


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