Minnesota’s Weed Smoking Capital Is Where You Least Expect It

Minnesota is known for many things: its lakes, its winters, its music scene, and its progressive politics. But did you know that it also has a weed smoking capital? And no, it’s not Minneapolis, St. Paul, or Duluth. It’s a small town in the southwestern corner of the state, called Pipestone.

The History of Pipestone

Pipestone is named after the red stone that is found in the area, which has been used by Native Americans for centuries to make ceremonial pipes. The town was founded in 1876, and became a hub for the railroad and agriculture industries. It also has a rich cultural heritage, as it is home to the Pipestone National Monument, where visitors can see ancient petroglyphs and learn about the Native American traditions of pipe making.

The Rise of Weed Smoking

So how did Pipestone become the weed smoking capital of Minnesota? According to a recent survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Pipestone County has the highest rate of marijuana use among adults in the state, at 22.5%. That’s more than double the state average of 10.6%, and higher than any other county in the country.

There are several factors that may contribute to this phenomenon. One is the availability of weed, which is grown locally or smuggled from nearby states like Colorado and South Dakota. Another is the lack of law enforcement, as Pipestone County has only one sheriff and four deputies to patrol an area of 466 square miles. A third is the social acceptance of weed, which is seen as a harmless and enjoyable pastime by many residents.

The Benefits and Challenges of Weed Smoking

Weed smoking in Pipestone has both positive and negative effects on the community. On the one hand, weed smoking can provide relief from stress, pain, and anxiety, and can enhance creativity, mood, and social bonding. On the other hand, weed smoking can also impair memory, judgment, and coordination, and can increase the risk of addiction, mental health problems, and legal troubles.

Some residents of Pipestone are proud of their weed smoking culture, and see it as a way of expressing their individuality and freedom. Others are concerned about the impact of weed smoking on the youth, the environment, and the reputation of the town. There is also a debate about whether Pipestone should legalize, regulate, or ban weed, and how that would affect the economy, the health, and the identity of the town.


Pipestone is a unique and fascinating place, where weed smoking is more than just a hobby, but a way of life. It is a town that challenges the stereotypes and expectations of Minnesota, and offers a different perspective on the role of weed in society. Whether you are a fan of weed or not, Pipestone is worth a visit, if only to experience its history, culture, and charm.

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