USC Professor Initially Banned for Hamas Comments Allowed Campus Return

USC professor banned over Hamas comments permitted to return to campus

USC Professor John Strauss, aged 78, is allowed to return to campus while the university investigates his comments during a student protest about Hamas. A video captured him calling protesting students “ignorant” and referring to Hamas as “murderers.” The university noted that some video clips may have been edited misleadingly. The video went viral, leading … Read more

Here Is a First Look at Georgia’s New Proposed Senate Districts

Georgia's New Proposed Senate Districts

Georgia’s upcoming Senate district alterations promise substantial shifts in the state’s political terrain. Unveiled on November 27, 2023, the proposed redistricting plan for the state Senate strives to establish two additional districts with a Black majority in the upper chamber, adhering to a federal court directive. The New Districts As per the proposed map, Senate … Read more

Speaker Pelosi Criticizes Santos as ‘Coward’ Over Early Chamber Departure

Pelosi calls Santos a ‘coward’ for leaving chamber before expulsion vote closed

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticized ousted Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) for leaving the House chamber on Friday before the completion of his expulsion vote, labeling him a “coward.” Pelosi expressed the necessity of the historic 311-114-2 vote to remove Santos, describing it as a serious matter that demands careful consideration. She emphasized the importance of … Read more

You’ll Never Guess Which City Has the Highest Crime Rate in Tennessee

city with highest crime rate in Tennessee

Tennessee, renowned as the Volunteer State, offers a blend of entertainment, history, and natural splendor. Like any other state, it grapples with varying levels of crime. Amidst several cities experiencing above-average crime rates, one city emerges with the highest incidence. Unveiling the Unexpected Newport claims the title of the city with the highest total crime … Read more

Vanessa’s Compassionate Journey: A Jersey Mom’s Extraordinary Efforts in Spreading Kindness and Helping Others

Spreading kindness, Vanessa is a Jersey mom who runs the extra mile to help others

Vanessa Seymour experienced a rare case of severe pediatric COVID-19 with her 10-year-old daughter. The infection developed into pneumonia, causing serious heart problems, and kept her daughter hospitalized for two months, including a two-week stay in an intensive care unit. These challenging moments were the most frightening in Seymour’s life. Faced with the uncertainty of … Read more

This Popular Arizona City Has the Highest Weed Consumption in the State

This Popular Arizona City Has the Highest Weed Consumption in the State

Cannabis, also known as weed, marijuana, pot, or ganja, is a plant that contains psychoactive compounds that can alter the mood, perception, and cognition of the user. Cannabis is widely used for recreational and medical purposes, as well as for industrial and religious purposes. Cannabis is legal for medical use in 36 states and for recreational … Read more

The Story Behind This Haunted Cemetery in Oklahoma is Terrifying

Oklahoma, known for its rich culture and history, harbors some spine-chilling secrets, particularly in the form of haunted cemeteries. One notable site is the Jesse Creek Cemetery in Bartlesville. Jesse Creek Cemetery: A Hub of Paranormal Activity Situated in south Bartlesville, Jesse Creek Cemetery has been the subject of numerous paranormal accounts. Locals share stories … Read more

McCarthy Expresses Frustration to Trump in Post-Speaker Removal Call

Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) reportedly expressed frustration with former President Trump after being ousted from his role in October. The Washington Post revealed that McCarthy, who had previously supported Trump through various challenges, confronted the former president when Trump declined to assist him and disapprove of the removal efforts. During a phone call where … Read more

Court Dismisses Trump’s Claims of Judge’s Wife’s Posts, Finding No Evidence to Support Accusations

The social media posts that former President Donald Trump claimed were made by the wife of the judge in his New York fraud trial were confirmed by a court spokesperson to not be hers. According to Al Baker, spokesperson for the New York Office of Court Administration, “Justice Engoron’s wife has not sent social media … Read more

This Michigan City Has Been Named the Fastest Shrinking City in the State

Michigan, recognized for its diverse culture and thriving industries, is undergoing a notable transformation in its demographic landscape. Flint, among the 100 largest cities in the state, has been labeled as the fastest shrinking city, experiencing a 35.3% population decline since 2000. Flint’s Decline Once a bustling city, Flint has witnessed a gradual decrease in … Read more