People Are Fleeing Florida. Here’s Where They’re Plotting to Move to.

Florida, once a popular destination for retirees and sun-seekers, is losing its appeal for many residents. The state has seen a surge in people looking to relocate to other parts of the country, according to Google search data analyzed by SelfStorage. The reasons for this exodus are varied, but some of the main factors are:

Rising cost of living:

Florida has experienced a sharp increase in home prices, rents, and taxes in recent years, making it less affordable for those on a fixed income or a tight budget. The median price of a single-family house in Florida rose $150,000, or 60%, in just half a decade. The average rent in major cities like Orlando, Tampa, and Miami is also higher than the national median.

Extreme weather:

Florida is prone to hurricanes, floods, and heat waves, which can cause significant damage to property and infrastructure, as well as pose health and safety risks. Hurricane Ian, which hit the state in 2022, was the costliest hurricane in Florida’s history and the third-costliest in United States history, causing over $112 billion in damage and over 150 deaths. Many residents have had to relocate due to the devastation caused by the storm or the fear of future disasters.

Political turmoil:

Florida has been at the center of several controversial laws and policies enacted by Gov. Ron DeSantis, which have sparked criticism and backlash from various groups and individuals. Some of these laws include restricting gender-affirming care, requiring people to use bathrooms aligned with their sex assigned at birth, banning vaccine passports, and limiting voting rights. These laws have made some residents feel unwelcome, unsafe, or unhappy in the state.

Where are Floridians moving to?

According to the Google search data, the most common states that Floridians are interested in moving to are:

Texas: The Lone Star State offers a similar climate, lower taxes, and more job opportunities than Florida. Texas also has a diverse and vibrant culture, with cities like Austin, Dallas, and Houston attracting many young and creative people. Texas is the second-most populous state in the country, after California, and has a strong economy and a low cost of living.

Arizona: The Grand Canyon State is another warm and sunny option for Floridians looking for a change of scenery. Arizona has a lot of natural beauty, with stunning landscapes and outdoor activities. Arizona also has a relatively low cost of living, especially compared to California, which is another state that many people are leaving. Arizona is one of the fastest-growing states in the country, with a booming tech sector and a growing population of retirees.

Florida: Surprisingly, some Floridians are not leaving the state entirely, but rather moving to different parts of it. Some of the reasons for this internal migration are to find cheaper or better housing, to be closer to family or friends, or to escape the crowded and congested urban areas. Some of the popular destinations within Florida are Jacksonville, Sarasota, and Pensacola.


Florida is facing a wave of people looking to move out of the state, due to various economic, environmental, and social factors. However, the state is not losing its charm for everyone, as some residents are choosing to stay or move within the state. Florida remains one of the most populous and diverse states in the country, with a lot to offer to those who love its sunny and laid-back lifestyle. Whether people are fleeing or flocking to Florida, the state is undergoing a significant transformation that will shape its future.

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