This Place in Washington Is Known as One of the Scariest Places in America

This Washington State, renowned for its picturesque landscapes featuring lush forests and numerous lakes, harbors a hidden, eerie side. Within its borders lie some of the most chilling places in America, each boasting its own ghostly history and supernatural stories.

Oxford Saloon, Snohomish

The Oxford Saloon in Snohomish holds the distinction of being one of Washington State’s most haunted places. Erected in 1900, it has undergone investigations by various paranormal experts who have documented instances of electronic voice phenomena. The saloon’s unsettling ambiance is sufficient to send shivers down the spine of anyone who enters.

Campbell House, Spokane

The Campbell House in Spokane stands as another prominent historical site with a tragic past. In the early 1900s, a burglar murdered three of the Campbell children and kidnapped the fourth. Visitors often recount experiencing an unsettling feeling upon crossing the threshold, with tales of a portrait of Amasa Basaliel Campbell seemingly tracking visitors with its eyes.

Black Diamond Cemetery

The Black Diamond Cemetery serves not only as a resting place but also ranks among the most haunted spots in Washington. Visitors claim to hear whistling and voices in the absence of others, while on foggy nights, apparitions of deceased coal miners swinging lanterns have been witnessed.

University Heights, Seattle

University Heights in Seattle, once an educational institution and now a community center, is recognized as one of Washington’s most haunted structures. The spirit of a young boy, believed to be a former student of University Heights, is frequently spotted and heard playing in the corridors.

Tacoma Old City Hall

Tacoma Old City Hall has been a focal point for numerous haunting reports since the mid-seventies. Disturbances such as flickering lights, mysterious noises, triggered fire alarms, and even intruder alarms have all been documented.

These are just a handful of the haunted locales scattered across Washington State. Each site carries its own distinct history and supernatural tales, contributing to Washington’s allure as a state that is both hauntingly and naturally beautiful.


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