Speaker Pelosi Criticizes Santos as ‘Coward’ Over Early Chamber Departure

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticized ousted Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) for leaving the House chamber on Friday before the completion of his expulsion vote, labeling him a “coward.”

Pelosi expressed the necessity of the historic 311-114-2 vote to remove Santos, describing it as a serious matter that demands careful consideration. She emphasized the importance of upholding the dignity and respect of the House of Representatives, expressing disappointment that Santos did not approach the situation with the same seriousness. According to Pelosi, Santos should have attended the vote and handled the matter in a more courageous manner.

The expulsion vote occurred after two previous unsuccessful attempts to remove the former New York congressman, who faces allegations of ethics violations, including fraud and campaign finance crimes. The House Ethics Committee had recently released a report citing “substantial evidence” of criminal behavior. Santos, the sixth lawmaker to be expelled from the House, maintains his innocence and has announced that he will not seek reelection but will not voluntarily end his term in Congress.

Pelosi commended her colleagues for their bipartisan vote, emphasizing the importance of respecting the dignity of the House of Representatives. She acknowledged the sadness and heartbreak of the situation but emphasized that she did not view it as a partisan issue. Pelosi stated her reluctance to proceed unless there was solid evidence, which she believed was present in this case.


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