The Story Behind This Haunted Hotel in Arizona is Terrifying

Arizona is a state with a rich history and culture, but also a state with many haunted places. One of the most notorious haunted hotels in Arizona is the Jerome Grand Hotel, a former hospital that witnessed many deaths and tragedies. The hotel is said to be home to several restless spirits, some of whom are not shy to make their presence known to the guests and staff. In this article, we will explore the dark and creepy story behind this haunted hotel in Arizona.

The Hospital on the Hill

The Jerome Grand Hotel was originally built as the United Verde Hospital in 1926, to serve the booming copper mining town of Jerome. The hospital was located on the top of Cleopatra Hill, overlooking the valley and the town. The hospital was equipped with modern facilities and amenities, such as an elevator, a laboratory, a pharmacy, and an X-ray machine.

However, the hospital also witnessed many deaths and sufferings, as it treated the victims of mining accidents, tuberculosis, influenza, and other diseases. Some of the patients were also mentally ill or suicidal, and some of the staff were rumored to be abusive or corrupt. The hospital closed its doors in 1950, after the mining industry declined and the town’s population dwindled.

The Hotel with a Haunted Past

The hospital remained abandoned for 44 years, until it was purchased by the Altherr family in 1994. They renovated the building and turned it into a hotel, which opened in 1996. The hotel retained many of the original features of the hospital, such as the elevator, the boiler room, the operating room, and some of the furniture and equipment.

The hotel also displayed many historical artifacts and photos related to the hospital and the town. However, the hotel also inherited the haunted past of the hospital, as many guests and staff reported paranormal experiences and sightings. Some of the most common phenomena include:

The ghost of a man in a long coat and a cowboy hat, who is believed to be a former maintenance worker who was crushed by the elevator in the 1930s. He is often seen in the basement, near the elevator, or in the hallways.

The ghost of a woman in a white gown, who is believed to be a former nurse who worked at the hospital. She is often seen in Room 32, where she committed suicide by shooting herself in the head. She is also heard crying or laughing in the room, or moving objects around.

The ghost of a little boy, who is believed to be a former patient who died at the hospital. He is often seen playing with a ball in the hallways, or peeking into the rooms. He is also heard giggling or calling for his mother.

The ghost of a cat, who is believed to be a former pet of the hospital owners. He is often seen or felt jumping on the beds, or rubbing against the guests’ legs. He is also heard meowing or purring in the rooms.

The Conclusion

The Jerome Grand Hotel is a place where history and mystery meet. It is a place where the living can encounter the dead, and where the past can haunt the present. It is a place that attracts many visitors who are curious, adventurous, or brave enough to spend a night with the ghosts. It is a place that has a terrifying story behind it, but also a fascinating one. If you are looking for a haunted hotel in Arizona, the Jerome Grand Hotel might be the one for you. But be warned, you might not get a peaceful sleep there.

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