The Story Behind This Haunted Hotel in Oregon is Terrifying

If you are looking for a spooky place to stay in Oregon, you might want to check out the Wolf Creek Inn. This historic hotel, built in 1883, is said to be one of the most haunted places in the state. But what is the story behind this haunted hotel, and why is it so terrifying?

A History of Death and Mystery

The Wolf Creek Inn was originally a stagecoach stop and a tavern for travelers along the Oregon Trail. It was also a popular destination for celebrities, such as Jack London, Clark Gable, and Orson Welles. However, not all of the guests who checked in left alive.

According to legend, several people died or disappeared under mysterious circumstances at the inn. Some of the alleged victims include:

  • A young girl who was murdered by her father in room 8.
  • A miner who was stabbed to death in a fight over gold in room 5.
  • A woman who hanged herself in the attic after being rejected by her lover.
  • A man who shot himself in the basement after losing his fortune in the stock market crash of 1929.
  • A couple who vanished without a trace after staying in room 6.

Paranormal Activity and Ghost Sightings

Many people who have visited or stayed at the Wolf Creek Inn have reported experiencing paranormal activity and ghost sightings. Some of the common phenomena include:

  • Hearing footsteps, voices, laughter, crying, or music when no one is around.
  • Feeling cold spots, breezes, or touches from unseen hands.
  • Seeing orbs, shadows, apparitions, or faces in the mirrors or windows.
  • Smelling perfume, tobacco, or food that is not there.
  • Having objects move, disappear, or fall by themselves.
  • Feeling a sense of dread, sadness, or anger in certain rooms or areas.

Some of the most haunted rooms are said to be room 5, where the miner was killed, room 6, where the couple disappeared, and room 8, where the girl was murdered. Many guests have claimed to see or hear the ghosts of these victims, as well as other spirits, such as a friendly cowboy, a playful child, and a mysterious lady in white.


The Wolf Creek Inn is a historic and haunted hotel that offers a unique and terrifying experience for those who dare to stay there. The story behind this haunted hotel is full of death and mystery, and the paranormal activity and ghost sightings are enough to make anyone’s hair stand on end. If you are looking for a thrill, you might want to book a room at the Wolf Creek Inn – but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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