This City Has Been Named Most Depressed City In Texas

Texas is a large and diverse state with many attractions and opportunities. However, not all cities in the Lone Star State are thriving or happy. According to a recent study by Medicare Advantage, a health insurance company, there is one city in Texas that has the most depressed economy and the lowest quality of life. That city is Laredo.

Why is Laredo so depressed?

Laredo, TX, a border town located 150 miles south of San Antonio, was the area with the most depressed economy heading into 2021, with 21% of residents living below the poverty line, a 169% rise in unemployment in the past year and a minimum wage that is just 64% of the local living wage.

The city also suffers from high crime rates, low educational attainment, poor health outcomes and limited access to health care. Laredo has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the immigration crisis and the trade war with Mexico, which have disrupted its main sources of income and strained its public services.

How does Laredo compare to other Texas cities?

Laredo is not the only Texas city that faces economic and social challenges. According to a report by Business Insider, five Texas cities are among the “most miserable” in America, based on factors such as population change, percentage of people working, median household incomes, percentage of people without health care, median commute times and the number of people living in poverty. These cities are:

  1. Port Arthur, ranked second on the list, which has been hit by hurricanes, oil spills and environmental pollution.
  2. Brownsville, ranked 12th on the list, which has a high poverty rate, a low employment rate and a tense situation at the border with Mexico.
  3. Huntsville, ranked 20th on the list, which has a large prison population, a low median income and a high poverty rate.
  4. Harlingen, ranked 39th on the list, which has a low median income, a high poverty rate and a lack of health insurance.
  5. Pasadena, ranked 48th on the list, which has a high percentage of people without health insurance, a high poverty rate and a high crime rate.

What can be done to improve Laredo’s situation?

Laredo’s situation is not hopeless. There are some initiatives and programs that aim to improve the city’s economy and quality of life. For example:

  • The city has received federal funds to expand its COVID-19 testing and vaccination capacity, as well as to provide relief to small businesses and individuals affected by the pandemic.
  • The city has partnered with Texas A&M International University and Laredo College to offer free tuition and scholarships to local students, as well as to create more educational and career opportunities.
  • The city has launched a campaign called “Laredo is Open” to attract tourists and investors, highlighting its cultural and historical attractions, its gastronomy and its shopping options.


Laredo is a city that faces many challenges and difficulties, but also has many strengths and potentials. It is a city that needs more support and attention from the state and the federal government, as well as from its own residents and community leaders. It is a city that deserves a chance to overcome its problems and achieve its goals. It is a city that has been named the most depressed city in Texas, but it is also a city that can become a happier and more prosperous city in the future.

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