This is Pennsylvania Most Expensive Place to Own a Home, Report Says

Pennsylvania, known for its diverse housing markets, boasts a range of affordability across its cities and neighborhoods. Among these, Villanova stands out as the most expensive neighborhood in the state, offering a glimpse into the pinnacle of luxury living in Pennsylvania. Recent reports highlight Villanova’s exclusivity and opulence, making it a coveted location for high-end real estate enthusiasts.

The Opulence of Villanova

Villanova, a Philadelphia suburb located in southeastern Pennsylvania, has garnered attention for its prestigious status as the most expensive neighborhood in the state. With an average home price of $3.76 million, Villanova epitomizes luxury living, attracting affluent residents seeking unparalleled comfort and sophistication in their residential choices.

Unveiling Villanova’s Charm

Home to Villanova University, a renowned Roman Catholic research institution, the village of Villanova offers more than just expensive real estate. With a population of 8,213, Villanova exudes exclusivity, boasting a median household income exceeding $250,000. The village’s demographics reflect a predominantly white population, with nearly 97% of housing being owner-occupied, emphasizing a sense of community and stability.

Lifestyle and Leisure in Villanova

Beyond its lavish real estate offerings, Villanova provides residents with a plethora of leisure activities and attractions. From the King of Prussia Mall to local gardens like Stoneleigh and Chanticleer, Villanova offers a blend of urban convenience and natural beauty. The Villanova Theatre and the Bryn Mawr Film Institute cater to cultural enthusiasts, while historic landmarks like the Camp Woods Estate add a touch of heritage to the village’s charm.

Pennsylvania’s Most Expensive Home

While Villanova reigns as the most expensive neighborhood, Pennsylvania’s most expensive home, Oak Grove in Canonsburg, PA, presents a unique blend of luxury and leisure. Priced at $28.8 million, this resort-style estate spans 110 acres and offers an array of amenities, including equestrian facilities, a 13-stall stable, indoor and outdoor riding arenas, and a 60-by-30-foot pool with a stone pool house.


Pennsylvania’s real estate landscape showcases a spectrum of affordability, with Villanova and Oak Grove representing the epitome of luxury living in the state. As the most expensive neighborhood and home, respectively, these properties exemplify exclusivity, elegance, and a lifestyle tailored for the affluent. Whether seeking a prestigious address in Villanova or a resort-style sanctuary in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania offers a diverse range of high-end real estate options for discerning buyers looking to indulge in luxury living.

This article encapsulates the allure and extravagance of Pennsylvania’s most expensive place to own a home, shedding light on the state’s elite real estate offerings and the lifestyle they afford to residents.

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