This New Hampshire City Has Been Named the Most Miserable in the State

New Hampshire is known for its scenic beauty, low taxes, and high quality of life. But not every city in the Granite State is a happy place to live. According to a recent analysis by RoadSnacks, a website that ranks cities based on various criteria, the most miserable city in New Hampshire is Derry.

How Derry Became the Most Miserable City in New Hampshire

RoadSnacks used Saturday Night Science, a method that combines data from various sources, to determine the most miserable cities in New Hampshire. The website looked at factors such as poverty, unemployment, crime, education, health, and happiness. Based on these criteria, Derry scored the lowest among the 26 cities analyzed.

Derry, which has a population of 23,571, has a poverty rate of 8.3%, higher than the state average of 6.4%. The city also has a high unemployment rate of 5.9%, compared to the state rate of 3.7%. Derry’s crime rate is also above the state average, with 1,538 property crimes and 97 violent crimes per 100,000 people.

Derry’s education and health indicators are also below par. The city has a low high school graduation rate of 85.9%, and a low college attainment rate of 24.8%. The city also has a high rate of obesity, diabetes, and smoking. Derry’s residents are also less happy than the average New Hampshirite, with a low satisfaction score of 5.0 out of 10.

Why Derry’s Misery Matters

Derry’s misery is not only a problem for its residents, but also for the state as a whole. Derry is the fourth-largest city in New Hampshire, and the largest town in Rockingham County. The city has a rich history, being the birthplace of poet Robert Frost and astronaut Alan Shepard. The city also has a vibrant cultural scene, hosting the annual Derryfest and the Tupelo Music Hall.

Derry’s misery could affect its economic potential, its social cohesion, and its civic pride. The city could lose its appeal to tourists, businesses, and residents, leading to a downward spiral of decline. The city could also face challenges in addressing its social problems, such as poverty, crime, and addiction. The city could also lose its sense of identity, as its residents become more unhappy and dissatisfied.

How Derry Can Overcome Its Misery

Derry’s misery is not inevitable, nor irreversible. The city can take steps to improve its quality of life, and become a happier and more prosperous place. Some of the possible solutions are:

  1. Investing in education and skills development, to create more opportunities for the youth and the workforce.
  2. Promoting economic development and diversification, to attract more businesses and jobs to the city.
  3. Enhancing public safety and security, to reduce crime and violence, and increase trust and confidence.
  4. Improving public health and wellness, to prevent and treat chronic diseases, and promote healthy lifestyles.
  5. Fostering civic engagement and social capital, to increase participation, collaboration, and solidarity among the residents.

Derry has the potential to become a great city, if it can overcome its misery. The city has many assets, such as its natural beauty, its historical heritage, and its cultural diversity. The city also has many opportunities, such as its proximity to Boston, its access to transportation, and its availability of land. The city also has many challenges, such as its poverty, its crime, and its unhappiness. The city needs to address its challenges, leverage its opportunities, and capitalize on its assets, to create a better future for itself and its people.


Derry is the most miserable city in New Hampshire, according to a recent analysis by RoadSnacks. The city suffers from high poverty, high unemployment, high crime, low education, low health, and low happiness. Derry’s misery affects its residents, as well as the state as a whole. Derry can overcome its misery, by investing in education, promoting economic development, enhancing public safety, improving public health, and fostering civic engagement. Derry can become a happier and more prosperous city, if it can overcome its misery.

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