This Town in Louisiana State Takes the Crown for Most Violent

Louisiana is often ranked as the most dangerous state in America, according to various studies that measure the rate of violent crimes per capita. But which town in Louisiana is the worst of the worst? The answer may surprise you.

The Most Dangerous Town in Louisiana

According to a report by Security Gauge, a crime risk assessment platform, the most dangerous town in Louisiana is Bessemer, a small southwestern suburb in Birmingham, Alabama. Yes, you read that right. Bessemer is technically located in Alabama, but it is considered part of the Louisiana metropolitan area, which spans across state borders.

Bessemer topped the list of the 100 most notorious places to live in America with the highest crime rates out of any town with 25,000 or more citizens. The report analyzed data on violent crimes, including homicide, rape, armed robbery, and aggravated assault, in each town from all 18,000 law enforcement agencies in the US, and the stats are contextualized per 1,000 people.

The research revealed that the residents of Bessemer have a one in 30 chance of becoming a victim of violent crime. With a population size of around 27,000, the suburb’s crime rate is much higher than other towns with a similar demographic. It garnered the top spot particularly for physical violence and property crime, along with motor vehicle theft.

How Bessemer Became the Most Notorious Place to Live in the US

Bessemer has a long history of economic and social challenges that have contributed to its high crime rate. The town was once a thriving industrial center, producing iron and steel for the nation. However, the decline of the manufacturing sector in the late 20th century left many residents unemployed and impoverished.

Bessemer also suffers from racial and political tensions, as it is predominantly African American and has a history of civil rights activism and violence. The town has been the site of several racial incidents, such as the 1968 assassination of civil rights leader Rev. James Reeb, the 1979 Ku Klux Klan bombing of a black church, and the 2019 shooting of a black man by a white police officer.

Bessemer has also struggled with corruption and mismanagement in its local government, which has hampered its ability to provide adequate public services and safety. The town has faced several scandals involving its mayors, council members, and police chiefs, who have been accused of fraud, bribery, extortion, and abuse of power.

What Bessemer is Doing to Improve its Situation

Despite its grim reputation, Bessemer is not giving up on its future. The town has been making efforts to revitalize its economy, infrastructure, and community. Some of the initiatives that Bessemer has undertaken include:

Attracting new businesses and investments, such as the Amazon fulfillment center that opened in 2020, creating over 1,500 jobs.

Improving its education system, such as the Bessemer City Schools, which received a $1.5 million grant from the US Department of Education in 2021 to implement a STEM program.

Enhancing its cultural and recreational offerings, such as the Bessemer Hall of History, which showcases the town’s rich heritage, and the Alabama Splash Adventure, which is a popular water park and amusement park.

Reducing its crime rate, such as the Bessemer Police Department, which has increased its patrols, surveillance, and community outreach, and the Bessemer Crime Stoppers, which offers rewards for tips leading to arrests.


Bessemer, a town in Louisiana state, takes the crown for most violent in America, according to a recent report by Security Gauge. The town has a high rate of violent crimes, which is influenced by its economic, social, and political challenges. However, Bessemer is not hopeless, as it is working hard to improve its situation and quality of life. Bessemer may be the most dangerous town in Louisiana, but it is also a town with potential and resilience.

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