This Wyoming City Has Been Named the Most Miserable in the State

Wyoming is known for its natural beauty, low population, and high quality of life. But not every city in the Equality State is equally happy and prosperous. According to a recent report by RoadSnacks, a website that ranks cities based on various criteria, there is one city in Wyoming that stands out as the most miserable: Glenrock.

What makes Glenrock so miserable?

RoadSnacks used a combination of factors to determine the most miserable cities in Wyoming for 2023. These factors included poverty, unemployment, income, education, crime, weather, and commute. The website also considered the percentage of married households and households with kids, as indicators of social stability and family life.

Based on these criteria, Glenrock scored the lowest among the 31 cities analyzed by RoadSnacks. The report found that Glenrock has the following problems:

  • A poverty rate of 7.3%, which is higher than the state average of 6.5%.
  • A median home price of $196,500, which is lower than the state average of $237,600.
  • A low percentage of married households (23%) and households with kids (44.8%), which suggest a lack of community and family bonds.
  • A high crime rate, which is 16% higher than the national average.
  • A low income growth, which is the worst in the country.

How does Glenrock compare to other Wyoming cities?

Glenrock is not the only city in Wyoming that faces challenges and hardships. The report by RoadSnacks also identified other cities that ranked low on the happiness scale, such as Green River, Mills, Bar Nunn, and Evansville. These cities also suffer from high poverty, low income, low education, and high crime rates.

However, Glenrock is the only city that scored poorly on almost every factor considered by RoadSnacks. The report stated that “Glenrock has it rough” and that “there’s not a lot of reason to be overly optimistic here”.

On the other hand, there are also some cities in Wyoming that enjoy a high quality of life and a positive outlook. The report named Cody as the happiest city in Wyoming, followed by Afton, Lander, Sheridan, and Jackson. These cities have low poverty, high income, high education, low crime, and favorable weather and commute conditions.

What can Glenrock do to improve its situation?

The report by RoadSnacks did not offer any specific suggestions or solutions for Glenrock or any other city in Wyoming. However, it did acknowledge that “there’s a difference between being miserable and being unhappy” and that “there are always things to be grateful for”

Perhaps Glenrock can find some inspiration and hope from its own history and culture. Glenrock is a historic town that was founded in 1862 as a stage station on the Oregon Trail. It is also home to the Deer Creek Museum, which showcases the local heritage and artifacts of the pioneer era. Glenrock is also known for its annual events, such as the Glenrock Rodeo, the Glenrock Art Show, and the Glenrock Christmas Parade.

Glenrock may not be the most prosperous or popular city in Wyoming, but it has a unique identity and a rich legacy. Maybe by embracing its past and celebrating its present, Glenrock can find a way to overcome its challenges and create a better future for itself and its residents.


Wyoming is a state that offers many opportunities and advantages for its people. However, not every city in Wyoming shares the same level of happiness and success. According to a report by RoadSnacks, Glenrock is the most miserable city in Wyoming, based on a variety of factors such as poverty, income, crime, and weather. Glenrock faces many difficulties and struggles, but it also has a history and a culture that it can be proud of. Glenrock may not be the happiest city in Wyoming, but it can still find some reasons to smile and hope.

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