Three Florida Cities Are Among the State’s Bedbug-infested Cities.

Bed bugs are small, blood-sucking insects that can infest homes, hotels, and other places where people sleep. They are not known to transmit diseases, but they can cause itching, allergic reactions, and psychological distress. Bed bugs are also notoriously difficult to get rid of, as they can hide in cracks, crevices, and fabrics, and survive for months without feeding.

Florida’s Bed Bug Problem

According to a recent report by Orkin, a pest control company, Florida is one of the most bed bug-infested states in the US, with three cities ranking among the top 50 worst affected areas. The report is based on the number of bed bug treatments performed by Orkin in residential and commercial settings from December 1, 2022 to November 30, 2023.

The three Florida cities that made the list are:

Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach, which ranked 16th in the nation, up from 19th last year. This metropolitan area is a popular tourist destination, which may contribute to the spread of bed bugs through travelers and luggage.

Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, which ranked 35th in the nation, up from 44th last year. This area is also a major tourist hub, as well as a home to many retirees and snowbirds.

Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford, which ranked 44th in the nation, down from 41st last year. This area is famous for its theme parks, such as Disney World and Universal Studios, which attract millions of visitors every year.

How to Prevent and Control Bed Bugs

The report by Orkin also provides some tips on how to prevent and control bed bug infestations, such as:

Inspecting your home, hotel room, and luggage for signs of bed bugs, such as live or dead bugs, eggs, skins, stains, or bites.

Using a protective cover on your mattress and box spring, and washing your bedding regularly in hot water.

Avoiding placing your luggage on the bed or floor, and using a luggage rack or a hard surface instead.

Sealing any cracks or holes in your walls, floors, or furniture, and decluttering your space.

Contacting a professional pest control service if you suspect or confirm a bed bug infestation, and following their instructions carefully.


Bed bugs are a serious and growing problem in Florida, as well as in other parts of the US and the world. They can cause discomfort, stress, and expense for homeowners, travelers, and businesses. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the risks and the prevention methods, and to act quickly and effectively if you encounter these pests. Remember, the sooner you detect and treat a bed bug infestation, the better.

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