US Military Aircraft Incident: Eight Personnel on Board, Sea Crash near Japan

A US military aircraft, identified as an Osprey with eight personnel aboard, has crashed into the sea near Japan’s Yakushima island, as reported by the Japanese coastguard. The incident occurred around 2:47 pm local time on Wednesday, according to a coastguard spokesperson. Japan’s chief cabinet secretary Hirokazu Matsuno mentioned that the aircraft disappeared from radar at 2:40 pm local time.

The coastguard, represented by spokesperson Kazuo Ogawa, has dispatched aircraft and patrol boats to the crash site. No further details, including the safety of those on board, have been confirmed at this time. An emergency call from a fishing boat near the crash site off Yakushima was received, according to Mr. Ogawa.

Local residents reported that the aircraft’s left engine was on fire as it descended into the sea, as per Japanese broadcaster MBC.

The US military in Japan stated that they are currently gathering information about the incident, and it remains unclear which US base the Osprey belonged to. The aircraft was believed to be en route from Iwakuni to Okinawa.

The Osprey, with its unique tiltrotor design allowing both helicopter and turboprop functionalities, has been in service since 1989. Manufactured by Bell Boeing, it is built with corrosion-resistant materials, deemed suitable for maritime environments.

Used for various mission types, including air assaults, air refueling, evacuation and recovery, and VIP transport, the Osprey has been involved in several reported crashes in recent years. Critics argue that the hybrid aircraft is accident-prone, while the US military and Japan maintain its safety.


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