Will Smith Embraces Humanity, Contemplates Recent Challenges and Reflects on Personal Adversities

Will Smith shared reflections on the highs and lows of his life during his appearance at the Red Sea Film Festival in Saudi Arabia. He acknowledged facing “many adversities” in the past couple of years, including the Oscars slap incident and personal challenges, notably in his marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith.

Despite a lengthy response, the essence of his message is clear—he emphasized the importance of not seeking external validation for his actions, personally or professionally.

It appears that over the years, Will has learned to detach from the need for approval from the outside world. However, he now recognizes the need to find contentment within himself and his mission. He is committed to ongoing self-improvement and reducing the impact of external influences on his well-being.

Regarding setbacks, Will Smith admitted to being “deeply human” and acknowledged that perfection is an ongoing process. He expressed a desire to refine his virtues and focus on perfecting his craft, particularly in filmmaking and storytelling.

Amid recent controversies, Will conveyed a promise not to let external opinions affect him negatively. He aims to stay resilient and focused on his path, irrespective of what is being said or by whom. Although the discussion surrounding Will has shifted from the Oscars slap to his unconventional relationship, he remains steadfast in his commitment to rise above external judgments.

A positive note from the weekend appearance is the confirmation of ‘I Am Legend 2,’ with Michael B. Jordan joining the project. Will shared that a script is now complete and plans to discuss next steps with Jordan on Sunday. This announcement brings a welcome shift in focus back to Will Smith’s work in the film industry.


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