This City Has Been Named the Most Dangerous City to live in Washington

Washington, renowned for its picturesque evergreen landscapes and impressive mountains, is home to a diverse array of cities.

However, similar to any state, it harbors cities that pose more safety concerns. According to the latest FBI crime data, the city of Fife has earned the designation as the most dangerous city to reside in Washington.

Fife: Examining Closely

Fife, a small city nestled in Pierce County, boasts the highest crime rate in the state. Recognized for its local casino, the city experiences a notable frequency of both violent and property crimes.

Residents face a 1 in 15 chance of encountering incidents like vehicle theft, burglary, or other theft.

The particularly worrisome aspect is Fife’s violent crime rate. With 129 crimes per square mile, this petite city has witnessed a significant surge in criminal activity. This elevated crime rate has propelled Fife ahead of Tukwila, another city with a high crime rate, making it the most dangerous city in Washington.

Crime Rates Across Washington

Washington’s violent crime rate stands at 1,853 per 100k people, with a property crime rate of 11,950 per 100k people. These statistics position Washington as the 18th most dangerous state in the United States.

While Fife takes the lead, other cities in Washington also grapple with high crime rates. Tukwila, Tacoma, and Spokane are notable for their elevated crime rates. Even smaller cities like Toppenish and Shelton pose safety concerns due to a combination of violent and property crimes.


While Fife presently holds the unsettling title of the most dangerous city in Washington, it’s crucial to acknowledge that crime rates can fluctuate and are influenced by various factors.

Ongoing efforts are in place to enhance safety and diminish crime rates in these cities. Nevertheless, until substantial changes occur, Fife remains the most dangerous city to live in Washington.


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